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Straight from farm 


The Project “Straight from Farm” is to help the farm owners to sell the local produce grown on their land at their comfort. It will help them to connect with the local wholesalers and local vendors.



Research, prototype, visual design, interface design


Figma, Adobe Photoshop





Encouraging "Vocal For Local" concept to improve small businesses and the community to have access to locally grown produce. The project is to allow the Farm Owners to sell food or dairy products on their land to benefit the farmers and related people so that they can be more financially independent and work with passion for the improvement of the country and humanity.

User Problem

Land owners find it difficult to contact many dealers, who can help sell the fruits and vegetables grown on their land by the farmers. Due to this, the food items lose their freshness and are sold at a lower rate. This in turn is a loss for the farmers working hard to grow fruits and vegetables


  • To ease the supply chain between farm owners and dealers or buyers such as local vendors and wholesalers. This will help increase the income of both the parties and the farmers.

  • To enable dealers to check the availability of the food or dairy products to place orders.

  • Land owners can easily update fruits and vegetable stocks through the application on a regular basis.


User Research: Summary

Understood the problems faced by tour groups on their trip by interviewing a few travelers. Some family groups traveled to a tourist destination through a tour package site. They were assigned a tour guide for a better experience. Although a group member mentioned about the difficulty faced in finding the tour guide on certain self exploratory locations. They faced problems in communicating, locating other members and the tour guide along with time management.


Information Architecture

SFF Sitemap.png



SFF Wireframes.png

Typography & Color



A a




High-Fidelity wireframes

Scan Page

Enter details page

Land owner's home page

Farm Owner's Screen

Land Owner will be easily able to contact the dealers and know the item description to be delivered, mode of payment, delivery time/pickup time and location.

User interface of the screen is purposefully kept simple for easy understanding.

A minimalist design to highlight the feature of scanning. It allows the owner to scan the fresh produce, which allows the buyer to see the actual condition of the product.

Buyer's screen

Dealer's home page

Design of this page is both enjoyable and useful as the grid layout allows direct visibility of the produce to the buyer and the filter icon next to the search bar allows user to narrow down their search.

Details page

Main details of the fresh produce as entered by the land owner is displayed along with the price. The user also has the flexibility to add or remove the quantity of the product.

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