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UActive-Health Monitoring Application


To develop an android mobile application that monitors health and drives the user to become healthy with vegetarian food intake. It facilitates connection between nutrition and fitness in one application.



Research, prototype, design, implementation


Android Studio, Firebase Database




Project Overview


Insufficient food data needs to be addressed in order to have a global reach. The users of fitness and nutrition tracking applications prefer not to spend time adding food consumed details manually. Such users often end up switching to another application and any company wants to keep their existing users.


To develop an application, which enables the users to track calories and monitor fitness with database enriched with vegetarian and vegan meals. The aim is to encourage the user to follow a healthy food eating habit and exercise to maintain good physical and mental health.


User Research: Summary

In order to design and develop a fitness application, it was essential to observe the strengths and weaknesses of other existing applications(in January 2018) for gathering data and articulating a useful application, which has a wider audience reach. Therefore, below are a few from many fitness applications based on the search data for monthly active users of top 10 applications offering relevant features aligning with the objective of my project.


The idea was to get the gist of "what users do".  For this, I identified the usability of each of the applications in the market through reviews and user feedback to develop a customized feature for the UActive application. The thought of incorporating vegetarian and vegan food options feature was a result of brainstorming and competitor reviewing. 

Group 326.png

User Review #1

User Review #2

Competitor Review

  1. Usability

  2. Useful features

  3. Aesthetics of the application

  4. Experience

  5. Reviewing customer feedback 

"I wanted to add my vegetarian lunch calories in the app, but unfortunately we do not have many options."

- New user(S Health application, 2018)


Considering Indian population to be nearly 17.7% of the total world population(year: 2018), along with more and more people turning to veganism for health reasons and to support love for animals, it is essential to include such meals in fitness applications. Most fitness applications provide general food items, but this does not cater to the needs of all the application users and manually entering the data to keep track of their daily nutrition is a user pain point.

Therefore, to provide seamless and hassle-free user interaction with the application, it is highly appropriate to allow the users to select vegetarian and/or vegan food as well. To achieve this, food data in the fitness application can be improved in the existing database to meet the user requirements.


System Flow Diagram

Group 327.png

Gradient of purple- Color of courage, calm and soothing

Black & Grey- to distinguish the content

Low-fidelity Prototype

Untitled 1.png


splashact 1.png
signinact 1.png

Splash Screen

Sign Up Screen

signupact 1.png

Sign In Screen

Hamburger Menu

Group 322.png

Home Screen

profileact 1.png

Profile Screen

foodact 1.png

Food intake

bfact 1.png

Meal Selection

Vegetarian food item added in database

stepact 1.png

Step count

wateract 1.png

Water balance

runact 1.png

Track run

calorieact 1.png

Total calorie display


Observing, analyzing, thinking critically, empathizing with the users and reiterating the process of design and interaction makes the end product more user oriented. However, the process is more important than the product.

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