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DigiTactSeed  Website Redesign


In March 2022, I worked on redesigning the DigiTactSeed brand(an initiative of AppsTech Solution) website. The idea was to add more creativity, which aligns with the mission of the brand. I worked with digital marketing manager, graphic designers, and web developers to ensure wider reach and enhance user interaction.


UX/ UI Design Intern


March 2022 - April 2022


Figma, Adobe Illustrator


Understanding "Why" redesigning was required

In order to understand the motive behind redesigning the site, initial stages involved conversations with the Business Unit Head and Brand Director. I tried to gain insights about the business and their growth journey so that I can incorporate them into my designs. The following questions enabled me to recognize the reasons behind redesigning:

  1. Why redesign the website?​

  2. How has the user engagement with the current website been? 

  3. How do you envision the site to look and feel like?

  4. Which features do we want to include in the new website? 

  5. Do we plan to introduce new services?

User Interview

Interviewing the users utilizing the digital marketing services was essential for understanding usability and goal(to view and  avail the services provided) achievement.

  1. Why DigiTactSeed for promoting your digital presence?​

  2. Which services have you been using the most? 

  3. What is the most enjoyable experience for you while availing the services?

  4. What you do not like about the services?

  5. Did you face any difficulty while enrolling for services while accessing the website?

Discussion takeaway

"We want to highlight the mission of our brand: Creativity & Innovation and reach more users"


"Create designs with image and video content such that we can minimize the loading time of the website."

Web developers

"We are satisfied with the digital marketing services provided, however, the modern look and feel of the website could be more aesthetic."



Competitor Analysis


For achieving a large and dedicated user base, it is vital to look at competitors for upscaling the performance of a company. Therefore, I took note of various local digital marketing service providing competitor companies and analysed their brand marketing and design strategies through Google Trends and based on the following unique features: Social media reach and user engagement  Services they provide Flexibility with service pricing Visual design standards Accessibility features  ​

Identification of key problem areas 

User Interface needs to be consistent and simple

Customer reviews needs to be highlighted

Call to action not easily accessible

Pricing for services should be communicated


Wireframes and prototypes

DTS wireframe 2.jpg

Initial design

Feature: To add an element of creativity, the top-right downward arrow below website logo moves in downward direction based on user scrolling through the home page.

Color Theme

High-fidelity Prototype


Website Look


This website is no longer live. Below you will find screen shots of the site.

Home page

About us page


Blogs page


Web design & development service page


Redesigning a website  involves responsibility of putting forth the brand to the users and making the right impression through user interface and portraying the content in the most accessible form. The initial stage of brainstorming ideas for website layout had been intensive and involved communications with the concerned authorities and users to gain successful outcome. The process involved thorough alignment of user interaction and the mission of the brand. Moreover, collaborating with different team members helped to recognize and exchange perspective to deliver a user centric website. 

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