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Cambridge Local First Website Redesign


Exploring culture and values has never been so much fun! At BAPS Kids, the learning about spiritual roots is an exciting adventure! To be a part of the journey of discovery and knowledge that will stay with one for life from a young age has been a great experience.

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User Research, Persona, Information Architecture, Iterative Wireframing, Prototyping, Usability Testing, Visual Design 


Jan 2023 - March 2023


Figma, Adobe Creative Suite

The Problem

The viewers visit the CLF website and navigate to the "About Us" page, however, it is facing a high bounce rate as visitors are getting overwhelmed by the excessive amount of content. This is causing them to leave the site or navigate to other pages, resulting in a decrease in engagement on the about page. Additionally, users are facing usability issues on the donation page, including unclear calls to action and confusing donation options, which are further discouraging donations. The poor layout of the donation page is resulting in missed opportunities for growth and impact, which is especially concerning for a non-profit that relies on donations to continue supporting local businesses.

For whom this is a problem?

The problem is a concern for the CLF organization or anyone associated with the CLF website who wants to increase visitor engagement on the website and the about page in particular. It is also a problem for the non-profit's ability to attract potential supporters and donors who may be interested in learning more about the organization's mission and impact.

User Pain Points

  • Overwhelming amount of content on the website causing visitors to leave or navigate to other pages.

  • Usability issues on the donation page, such as unclear calls to action and confusing donation options, leading to a decrease in donations.

  • Poor layout on the donation page resulting in missed opportunities for growth and impact as a non-profit.

  • The about page is experiencing a high bounce rate as visitors find visual aesthetics could be improved, leading to a decrease in engagement.

User Research

To gain insights into the user experience and preferences for the BAPS Kids website, I engaged with individuals who have used the platform in various capacities, including children who accessed it for learning and exploration, and previous youth coordinators who actively engaged with the website during weekly assemblies. I asked a series of targeted questions to gather valuable feedback and perspectives from these users.

  1. How often did you use the BAPS Kids website during weekly assemblies, and for what purposes?

  2. In your experience, how did the website assist in engaging and guiding children during the assemblies?

  3. Were there any difficulties in accessing specific resources or features on the website while presenting to the children?

  4. Did you access the BAPS Kids website on a mobile device? If so, what was your experience like?

  5. How would you describe your experience using the BAPS Kids website?

Streamlined Navigation

Engaging Kids, Informative for Adults

Personalization for Individual Interests

Users encountered challenges with the website's navigation, leading to difficulty in finding specific resources or information. They suggested a more intuitive and user-friendly navigation system to enhance their browsing experience.

The volunteers/adults prioritized teaching over website design. However, many users expressed the desire for a more cohesive website that meets the needs of both children's learning and adults using the site.

Users showed interest in personalized content recommendations based on their interactions and preferences. Implementing personalized features could enhance the overall user experience and keep users more engaged.


Home Page


Play & Learn Page


About Us Page


Story Time Page

s11- Mobile Wireframes.png

Mobile Wireframes

Home Page

Crafting a Seamless User Journey for the Audience

  • Engaging Kids, Empowering Coordinators, and Enlightening Parents.

  • Intuitive navigation and thoughtfully organized content ensure a tailored experience for each audience, fostering a harmonious bond between spiritual learning and interactive fun.


Play & Learn Page

Enriching Play with Purpose 

  • Interactive games and activities thoughtfully designed to engage kids and foster their spiritual growth.

  • Clear instructions and engaging challenges ensure a seamless learning journey, keeping kids motivated to explore and learn.


Story Time Page

Captivating Tales for Young Minds

  • A carefully curated collection of inspiring stories that impart valuable life lessons to kids.

  • User-friendly navigation and visually appealing storytelling elements create an enjoyable and educational experience.


Learn Gujarati Page

Embracing Cultural Roots

  • Interactive language learning that celebrates the richness of Gujarati heritage.

  • Engaging exercises and quizzes make learning fun, while a user-friendly interface supports kids in their journey of language exploration.

With Guru Page

Empowering Connections with Our Guru

  • By presenting this content in a simple and to-the-point manner, accompanied by images of Guru with the Kids, the page fosters a deep spiritual connection and provides invaluable guidance to children.

  • Enriches the user experience with profound teachings and divine anecdotes from the life of our Guru.

About Us Page

Nurturing Minds

  • Establishing trust and credibility through a  compelling narrative that shares BAPS Kids' commitment to nurturing young minds and empowering future generations.

Join Us_Final.png


  • Conducting interviews with a diverse user group provided valuable insights into the needs and preferences of youth coordinators, parents, and children.

  • During the redesigning of the site, I learnt how to create a harmonious user experience while integrating the spiritual learning with interactive fun activities.

  • The result was a balance between intreactive content for kids and informative resources for adults in order to foster spiritual growth and character development.

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