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Project Overview

Culture Care Collective (CCC) is an innovative hybrid health support system that combines face-to-face interactions and an interactive digital application. It integrates community health workers (CHWs) into clinical care teams to enhance access to culturally sensitive healthcare for marginalized groups at a lower cost. The program offers two main solutions: a comprehensive hybrid model (CHWs + the app) and the app alone, designed for existing CHW programs aiming to optimize their digital care coordination and communication.


Firefly from a distance - an man wearing poor clothes looking lethargic tired sitting in his poor ho.jpg

Sick man tired becuase his medicines are about to get over and he got the lab report where the results were so unexpected.

Firefly a poor man , 40 years, wearing poor clothes meeting a woman health worker standing at a dist.jpg

CHW meeting the patient, to provide for in-person support with navigating healthcare facilities and/or health issues.

Firefly hand of the poor man who is sitting on his bed , holding the phone with screen text -CALL HO.jpg

Calling Hospital...

Makes a call to the hospital to schedule appoitment with the doctor for figuring out which medicines to take after getting the new blood report results.

Firefly a community work woman wearing an ID , sitting on a table holding a tablet and setting healt.jpg

CHW setting goals for the patient

Firefly a poor man in his 30s who is sitting on his bed wearing poor clothes in his poor home with n.jpg

Your appointment with Dr. Alaska has been scheduled for next month. In the meantime, we recommend downloading the Culture Care Collective (CCC) app

He gets the meeting time after one month but his health condition is deteriorating.

Firefly side angle of a poor man hands, 30 years, holding mobile phone screen displaying three tick .jpg




Well done!


Patient tracking all the goals

Firefly a poor man , 45 years, who is sitting on his bed wearing poor worn out clothes in his poor h.jpg

Let me download CCC app and connect with my community health worker.

The hospital staff tells him about the CCC app to get support from a community health worker.

Firefly a community work woman wearing a

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